STX Sync Series putters have been used to win 12 PGA tour events and dozens of top tens. All Sync Series putters are equipped with "F.E.E.L." technology (Friction Enhancing Elastomer Layer) inserts.

Sync Series putters are available in two distinct feels. The black insert offers the softest feel in golf by keeping the ball in contact with the face longer to increase your control on fast greens. The red insert produces a quicker roll off the face to help you master slower greens. The deep black PVD finish minimizes glare and provides added confidence at address.


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  • Loft3
  • Lie71
  • Weight350
  • OffsetHalf
  • Lengths34, 35
  • InsertsRed, Black
  • Left HandedNot Available
  • FinishDeep Black PVD

Show me another putter that looks this good and I will show you a knock off. Stick with the originator of individuality.